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Louis Gillick

Culburra Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Aka:  Louie
Created:  9th August 1995
Hometown: Culburra Beach
Currently:  Wollongong
What else do I do:  I work as a beach lifeguard but on flat days I hike to waterfalls and I also enjoy photography.
Who makes my boards:  Byrne surfboards
Local haunt:  Don’t really have one other then the local beach breaks
Best session:  The Lake
Favourite Peak suit:  Climax Pro 3/2

Any last words?

3 insta accounts we should suss:
No surfing on their accounts but very inspirational, adventurous, and caring people who live life the way it should be lived.
Anything else we should know?
–  I had a main role on a nutrigrain commercial few years back.
–  I once knocked myself unconsious while surfing, lucky for me a few people got me to shore where I then got taken to hospital for scans.  Came out with 2 very swollen knees, a good concussion and a staph infection from the cuts I got from the earlier surf incident.
Instagram account:  @louis_gillick